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"Joshua was the first person to introduce me and my wife to the wonderful world of bargain traveling via credit card bonus points.  At first, I was a little skeptical, thinking that there was no way someone can travel for free or at such a steep discount. However, after signing up for a few credit cards and using the points to book a flight from LA to Toronto for just the airport tax fee, we were convinced that it actually works!  Ever since then, we have been able to accumulate thousands of points and free hotel stays, just with our normal spending and capitalizing on credit card bonuses.  We look forward now to the wonderful trips we'll be able to take, without the worry of all the expenses, all thanks to Joshua and his generosity in sharing this information with us!" - Van Q.

"Joshua's travel advice and guidance has changed my life! As a frequent traveler with a serious case of wanderlust, I spend a good deal of my money visiting different countries throughout the year.  Joshua helped me understand that through credit card sign up bonuses, using the correct cards for specific everyday spending, and taking advantage of occasional promotions, I can gain an immense number of airline miles that I would otherwise never have.  Since Joshua first taught me the tricks to his trade 4 months ago, I have accumulated 210,000 miles for my adventures!  The first trip I took was flying business class to Australia and all I had to pay were the airline taxes! (I've never been able to fly business internationally!!) I'm hooked on this new knowledge I've acquired.  Joshua has already saved me thousands of dollars -- I wish so badly I could rewind about 10 years and travel with what I know now!" - Sheana M.

Airplane family selfie!

Airplane family selfie!

"We are thrilled with the education, tips, and resources Joshua has provided us as part of his travel methods. Our initial goal when meeting with Joshua was to get some airline tickets to visit our family across the country. We have learned how to use airline cards, hotel cards, and other reward cards for whatever type of travel or vacations we would like. Josh was very thorough in explaining the methods and being available to answer questions as we got started. So far, we have saved over $3,000 on 6 sets of airline tickets to visit our family across the country. We have plans to go on a tropical vacation next year while spending next to nothing with the knowledge and methods we have learned." - Campbell & Krista C.

"I'm so glad I took the time and money to learn about travel from Joshua!  I wanted to find out more information about getting free miles/points because I love traveling.  I used to travel a lot for work and have missed collecting miles and points.  Joshua is patient and loves traveling so much, that he is super helpful and great at explaining the process.  I've used what I've learned from Joshua to book free flights for my daughter and I.  Our next big trip will be going to the Caribbean for a week long vacation!  Anyone can do this, just make the investment and talk to Joshua!  You won't regret it!" - Kelly L.