Review: Hyatt House Charlotte Airport

As I stated in my Trip Report: 3 Days in Miami For Under $160, I picked this hotel based on its proximity to the CLT airport, and also the fact that it got pretty good reviews on TripAdvisor. There were also several other Hyatt Place's in the area that were also well-reviewed, but there were several things that drew us to the Hyatt House.

First of all, almost all the rooms are 2-room suites, which meant that we would be able to place Malin in her travel crib, have her sound machine going, have all the lights off and black-out curtains down, and still be able to close the door to our room, have the lights on, and be able to move about.

Secondly, the hotel allows you to park and fly. This would have saved us the $21 we ended up paying for airport parking, but the non-delineation between shuttle bus and shuttle van, with no appropriate carseat for Mae's age/weight/size, caused us to decided to park at the airport instead. Probably a good idea, considering the 2 options were -- get arrested for child-endangerment, or get our child killed if the shuttle van got into an accident. :\

Lastly, this was a cheap hotel redemption, only requiring 5,000 points for a night's stay. But as I mentioned above, there are 2 other Hyatt Place's in the area that could have been redeemed for the same amount of points. The first two points just sealed the deal.


Arrival & Room

Check-in was smooth, and we were given a 3rd floor room and it was at this time that we learned about the airport shuttle-van situation. 

The room was fine. As I mentioned, the separation of room and sitting area was perfect for us. Since we wanted to get Malin down as close to her normal bedtime as possible, especially considering our next morning 5am wake-up time to catch our flight, we hurriedly got her travel crib, sound machine, monitor set up. 

Since Hyatt Houses are more of an "extended stay" hotel, it also has a stove top, sink, dishes and utensils, and a fridge. The fridge worked out well for storing Mae's juice and puree pouches. Some of our other stays in more "traditional" hotels, we've had to specifically request a mini-fridge to store some of her perishable items, but thank goodness she has out grown the almond milk/formula phase!

She was either scared of being in a new environment or simply didn't want to sleep. Fussed and cried for about 30 minutes, then fell asleep sitting up. :P

She was either scared of being in a new environment or simply didn't want to sleep. Fussed and cried for about 30 minutes, then fell asleep sitting up. :P


Has Our Room Been Cleaned?

We quickly got ready for bed, and this is where our Hyatt House Charlotte Airport experience started to go down hill... 

Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 3.07.35 PM.png

We basically went from pretty satisfied with our stay to downright disgusted. I mean, we were probably sleeping (no, uh, we were) in a bed that someone else had slept in, and who knows how clean/dirty they were! We called down to the front desk and let them know the situation. They wanted to send housekeeping up, but due to Mae already being asleep, and the fact that it took her way longer to fall asleep, for the sake of our sanity and early morning flight, we asked them not to come up and "rectify" the situation. We went to bed as best as we could, knowing we were in a dirty bed, and put off dealing with Hyatt management until the next day.


Poor Communication By Hyatt/Management

Due to our early morning flight, I was unable to contact or connect with anyone until around 11:30am, after we arrived in Miami and got situated. My first thought was to reach out to @hyattconcierge on twitter, and this was the result of my conversation (I now know how to spell concierge accurately due to how many times I tweeted them...)



As you can see from the above Twitter DM's, basically there was a lot of talk and no walk. I admit, there first was a miscommunication by myself, saying that we had already spoken to the hotel's management, when in actuality, we had only notified the front desk of the situation. However, after that, it was BAD. First, a person named Diamond was supposed to call. Didn't hear from anyone FOR AN HOUR. Then the Hyatt House's assistant manager was supposed to call. Didn't hear back from anyone FOR AN HOUR. Then it was an excuse of "we want to come up with a solution" before calling you. C'mon, the solution isn't complicated! Refund me my stay, and then add an appropriate amount of bonus points for not meeting the most basic tenet of a hotel stay - a clean room for which someone pays for. I NEVER HEARD BACK FROM ANYONE. That is poor poor poor customer service.

Finally, I had enough and simply emailed I requested 3 things:

  1. They refund my 5,000 point award stay.
  2. They give me an additional 5,000 points for our trouble and experience with the horrendous customer service by both the Twitter team and the hotel's management.
  3. They grant me Diamond status, as I know, WITHOUT A DOUBT, if I had a higher membership status, this would have been resolved in a much quicker manner.

They replied with 5,000 points for our poor experiences, and 2,500 points for my dissatisfaction with the twitter team. What really irks me is that the hotel management still has not reached out to me at all. And I do feel that I was compensated too little.

Anyways, I hope we don't have to fly out of CLT much, because though there are other Hyatt Place's in the area, the 2-room suite still works the best for us. I will stay at the Hyatt House Charlotte Airport only if absolutely necessary, but we will definitely be checking the foot of our bed and under the sheets, prior to putting our baby girl down. 

*Do you feel I was compensated enough? Am I being overly entitled? What's the grossest hotel experience you've had?

(Photo by: Ludovic Bertron)