Win Starbucks For Life, Part Deux


Starbucks is doing another Starbucks For Life promotion like they did last December, but summer edition style!

You have the ability to win bonus stars, Starbucks for a week, a month, a year, or for life! You need to be a My Starbucks Rewards member, and register at Play everyday until September 12th, 2016!



You can obtain game pieces in two ways:

  • Earn a game piece (up to 4 per day) each time you pay with your Starbucks App or Card

  • Enter without making a purchase (up to 4 per day) - *you can find the link to do this at the bottom of your game board.


As you can see, I only need what looks like a 'stereo' before I win Starbucks for a month! (which is probably highly unlikely) I've won 125 bonus stars as well, which equals a free drink. Too bad coffee makes me jittery as all get out, even though I've acclimated my system more recently with semi-consistent cup-o-joe mornings. Happy Starbucks For Life-ing!

Full Terms & Conditions here.