Add An AU To Your SPG Personal AMEX, Get 2,500 Free SPG Points!


American Express is offering an awesome promotion where if you add an Authorized User (AU) to your Starwood Preferred Personal AMEX account, they will credit your account with 2,500 Starpoints! 


Key Terms

  • The offer for 2,500 Starpoints expires on September 19, 2016.
  • Card Members are limited to a one-time receipt of 2,500 Starpoints through this offer.
  • Bonus points will appear on your Starwood Preferred Guest statement 8-12 weeks after you add an additional Card.
  • All Additional Card Members must be 15 or older, and must never have had a defaulted account with American Express.


How To Participate

  • Follow this link and login to your AMEX account.
  • Enter the 4-dight CID on the front of your SPG Personal AMEX card.
  • Enter all pertinent information for the person you are making an AU.


But Why?

This is a no-brainer! Category 1 SPG hotels can be booked for a mere 3,000 points, so these 2,500 points already put you over 75% of the points needed for a free night! Some potential AUs that you can add would be your spouse (if they don't already have a card), your parents, your 15 year old teenage, etc. You wouldn't actually have to give them the card, simply ask them for permission to add them as an AU, then keep the card, since you don't want them spending on your account anyways (unless they don't mind getting you points, and paying you back!).

Also, AMEX cards receive Amex Offers, which can be very very valuable for cash back offers. Since the AU card will have it's own unique card number, it will qualify to have its own Amex Offers!