Staples $25 off $100+!

American Express currently has a targeted offer for $25 off of a $100+ purchase! This essentially equates to 25% off. The great thing is that Staples also offers e-gift cards to stores such as Target, Gap, eBay, Lowe's, Nike, etc. Even though the terms state that it is not valid for e-gift card purchases, it is referring specifically to Staples e-gift cards, with users having success getting the $25 back for the aforementioned store gift card purchases.


Loading The Offer

Log in to your American Express account and scroll down to the bottom. At the bottom you should see 'Amex Offers For You'. The offer, as shown above, may already be showing, or you may have to click 'Load More' before you are able to see it. 


Maximizing the Offer

DO NOT click 'Add to Card' if you have more than one American Express card (this includes authorized user cards!). What you want to do is duplicate the tab, select another card, scroll down and have the offer ready. Do this for however many American Express cards you have. Only once you have all the offers and tabs up, then click 'Add to Cardquickly for each card. If you dally too long on one page, it may not allow you to load the offer on your other cards, and then you only have the $25 back on one card.


Deal Recap

  • Spend $100+, get $25 back
  • Expires 6/19/2016
  • Valid online at only


  • If you order an item during the offer period but it is not provided until after 6/19/2016, it may not count towards determining whether the purchase qualifies for the offer
  • Not valid on purchases shipped outside of the US
  • Not valid for e-gift card purchases
  • Not valid for gift cards in bulk purchases
  • Offer not valid on online orders that are placed in-store through sales associate
  • Excludes Quill, Smilemaker, Staples Business Advantage, Staples 4 Government, Staples Toner Services, Staples Technology Solutions, Staples Promotional Products, Staples Print Solutions, Copy and Printing Services, Staples Contract and Commercial, Staples App Center, Staples Industrial, Staples Book Rental, Staples Simplexity, Staples Share fund, and Coastwide Labs
  • Enrollment limited



I was able to find this offer on all 12 of our Amex cards. However, I got too excited and clicked to add the offer on my first card! Rats! But I slowed my roll and got it added to all of my wife's cards and AU cards using the multi-tab trick mentioned above. This means, I can buy $700 worth of store e-gift cards for $525! I probably won't utilize every single one of those offers, as that will be a huge cash outlay, but will probably pick up a couple of Whole Food gift cards as we shop there often. Another option is to purchase a $100 physical visa GC for $106.95 and profit approximately $18.

If the offers are not showing up, enrollment may have been fulfilled or you weren't targeted.