IHG Priceless Surprises Promo: Update #1


Remember when I wrote about writing 94 post cards to win 47,000 points? Well guess what? I finally received the email links for me to win some points! 

I had sent out my 94 envelopes back in December, but still hadn't heard anything in January. I didn't think too much of it, as many bloggers, along with those who participated, stated that it took a while for them to receive the game play emails for their entries. However, when I sent off my wife's 94 post cards on the last day of the promotion, February 15th, and still had not heard back, that's when I started to worry.

I emailed Hello World, which was the company handling the promotion at questions@helloworldfullfilment.com, and while they did take a couple of days, they did eventually get back to me. I provided them with my IHG rewards account number, they verified that my 94 entries were received, and then I promptly received my email link to play my Priceless Surprises!


My Points Haul

As I mentioned in my initial post, there was a supposed minimum of 500 points per entry, but I seemed to have done better than that! This is the breakdown of what I won:

  • 89 x 500 Points = 44,500 Points
  • 2 - 1000 Points = 2,000 Points
  • 1 - 2000 Points = 2,000 Points
  • 2 - 5000 Points = 10,000 Points

Total: 58,500 Points

So as you can see, I actually made out better than 500 points per entry! 



A couple hours of writing, some cramped fingers, and approximately $55 worth of supplies, netted me 58,500 IHG rewards points! These are worth approximately $330, but could be worth more based on how you redeem them. IHG releases a list of PointBreaks hotels each quarter, where you can redeem a night for only 5,000 points. So the 58,000 points I netted could potentially mean 11, almost 12, free nights! While we would definitely maximize our points by staying at hotels on the PointsBreaks list, it is a fairly limited list. We do have a potential trip to Hong Kong planned for next spring, and so I may redeem these points at the Intercontinental (60,000 points/night). I may still need 2,000 points to be able to so, but good thing I have the benefit of my wife, and another 94 entries coming in!

*Did you participate in this promotion? How many points did you end up winning?