We Won Roundtrip Tickets from Alaska Airlines!


Being the travel and flying aficionado that I am, I follow most of the major US domestic airlines on Facebook and Twitter. Alaska Airlines is one of them! Recently, they posted from their Facebook account a contest pertaining to the most recent Bachelor (honestly, I didn't watch this season, but I'm not ashamed to say that I have in the past!). I guess Lauren, the woman that was chosen by the Bachelor, Ben, is an Alaska Airlines employee, so the contest was based on that premise.



As you can see, all I had to do was type a comment on their post and I was automatically entered! Honestly, I typed 4 words - WIFEY, and then my wife's full name. Simple as that! It definitely came as a shock to me that I had won, especially since I didn't feel like I wrote anything "meaningful". Actually I recant that, 'wifey' and my wife's names are both very meaningful.

Contest rules state that the roundtrip tickets are good for anywhere Alaska Airline flies, and that we have to use the roundtrip tickets within a year of them being issued. From my last couple of posts, I had mentioned the possibility of taking a big international trip to Hong Kong, mostly to take advantage of American Airline's award miles devaluation, but also to visit my Dad. That is looking less and less likely now, as we feel we are being rushed into flying to Hong Kong due to the devaluation and not really on our own terms. With this new development, it sounds like perhaps a trip to Hawaii seems more in appropriate, especially since Alaska services the Hawaiian islands and since Rachel has never been!



Being chosen 1 out of 10 out of over 15,000 comments is pretty amazing! I had opened up my email immediately after learning this news and saw an HGTV Dream Home email, which made my heart jump a bit. Was I really THAT lucky? HAHA, nope.

I guess the lesson for all of you out there, which can be said in a couple of ways: "You'll never win if you never play", "You'll never know if you never try", "If you enter as many contests as you can, you're bound to win one!" However, please please please don't apply these principles to the Lottery. 

*Have you ever entered a contest and won a prize? If so, what did you win? Please share in the comments below!