Staples Is Giving Away Free Money Again!


Staples is giving away free money again! As I've written before, Staples seems to put out these deals cyclically, about once every couple of months. This deal is again for a $20 prepaid Visa card via Staple's Easy Rebate, with the purchase of $250 or more Visa Gift cards. I'm pretty much copying and pasting the info from my last Staples post below... yes, lazy.





If you have a Chase Ink card (Plus or Cash), then you already know this -- you get 5x the points at Staples (or any other office supply store, for that matter). Any other mileage/points earning or cash back card works as well! Also, since it is one rebate per household, you can ask friends/family if they'll be ok with you using their info (name, email, address, etc.). Maybe throw them a buck or two? I am purchasing 5 separate 2 x $200 Visa Gift card orders, since I have 5 separate "households" I am applying the rebate to. Here is the cost breakdown (if you get more than one rebate, obviously the numbers increase per 2 x $200 Visa Gift Card purchased):

  • Cost of gift cards + fees ($6.95/card): $413.90
  • Rebate: $20
  • Profit: $6.10
    • If 2% cash back card used: extra $8.28
    • If Chase Ink Card used: 2,070 Ultimate Rewards Points
    • If other airlines cards are used, the number of points earned will depend on their point earning structure.



Always a no brainer from Staples! Since you're going to be spending money anyways, might as well make some money, while earning some points, amirightoramiright? My "go-to" Staples did institute a new policy of not selling over $1,000 in gift cards to one person, per day, at one time. So I do have to make 3 trips to get all 5 of my 2 x $200 gift cards. Oh well, I still come out on top!

*Have you ever taken advantage of any of these Staples deals?