IHG Priceless Surprises Promo: Update #2


Last week I wrote about receiving 58,000 IHG points from my postcard entries for IHG's Priceless Surprises promotion. Well, looky-loo, it's time to see how many points Rachel racked up!

Just as I had an issue with actually getting my entries sent to me, Rachel had to email Hello World (questions@helloworldfullfilment.com) to inquire about her entries as well. I double and triple checked the number of both of our entries before sending them out, so I know 94 of them got sent out. However, Hello World said that they only received 91. Oh well, a 98% success rate for free points isn't something to complain about!


Wifey's Points Haul

As I mentioned in my initial post, there was a supposed minimum of 500 points per entry, so Rachel did right around the average. This is the breakdown of what she won:

  • 86 x 500 Points = 43,000 Points
  • 4 - 1000 Points = 4,000 Points
  • 1 - 2000 Points = 2,000 Points

Total: 49,000 Points



It seems that Hello World is probably inundated with all of these entries, so if you have yet to receive your email links towards your plays, I would definitely shoot them an email ASAP! Keep in mind that the play period is ending March 15th at 11:59 PM EST, so you need to actually have played all your game plays by then!

With the addition of these 49,000 points, to the 120,000 points that we earned through the IHG credit card bonus, and my 58,500 points, we are sitting pretty at 227,500 total IHG points! That equates to almost 46 nights at IHG PointBreaks hotels! NICE!