From The Other Side

Hello, how the heck are you guys?! I'm so sorry for being M.I.A.! It was an unintended hiatus, for sure! We went through a spell of super busy work weeks, coupled with buying a house, packing, moving, unpacking, a job change, AND doing all of the above with a rambunctious 10-month old! It's been so long since I've written anything that Facebook has a reminder stating, "You haven't posted in 43 days, write a post!" BURN! It's nice to finally be on "the other side" of all that busyness! (I am sorry, not sorry, for the cheesy/over-played Adele reference)

Reader Mailbag

Hi Josh! I’m been following your blog and I just wanted to say thanks for introducing me to the world of travel credit cards. I’m sorry that I was too cheap to pay for a consultation, but I researched a little and semi-figured it out. [My husband] has a sabbatical this Spring and I managed to get flights and the car rental for our family of 5 to Hawaii. I kind of wish I did get a consultation though because I signed up for some dumb cards that required an annual fee up front. Anyway, thanks again!
— Shirley C.

This was an email I received from one of my blog readers, Shirley, C. Thank you for writing in and letting me know about your success! I think it's great that Shirley took the initiative to research on her own. And not only that, she was able to successfully plan a trip for her family of 5 to Hawaii! However, she even said so herself, that she wished she did a consultation with me before doing so! I do not know the specifics as to which cards she acquired, or what programs she redeemed with, but I do hope she was able to maximize their usage! I want to reiterate that I have been doing research and "travel hacking" since 2013. I continuously keep up with the current best credit card offers, best award redemptions for maximizing your points, and have learned many creative ways to help you generate the points needed to get you to your intended dream destinations! My intent is to "teach you how to fish", as cheaply and as successfully as possible! 


Future Posts

I call myself The Common Sense Money & Travel Guy for a reason, and because of that, from here on out, I will probably write a bit more on financial topics that interest me. I do not tout myself as a financial guru-know-it-all in any way, but rather, I am a common fellow, with the following common financial things (of which I'm sure you may have a few in common with me):

  • Student loan debt (this continues to perpetuate my love/hate relationship with Duke)
  • Credit card debt (not anymore, but we dealt with this for a long time!)
  • Mortgage debt (newly acquired, huzzah!)
  • A love for numbers & budgeting (what's not to love?)
  • Getting the most out of as little as possible - i.e. deals, travel, cash back, etc.

I want to write about how I approach all of these topics, and more, with common sensibilities and the things I've learned through both experience and reading. I know that many of you work long hours, and barely have time to spend with your loved ones. My goal is to further educate you through my writing, to allow you to not only have a clearer financial picture, but more financial peace, with huge side helpings of cheap and free travel! :D Let's continue to share this journey called life together through our travels and financial triumphs!

*Please let me know if there are any topics in particular you are interested in learning about! And for those of you whom I have helped with a consultation, please comment below on where you have been able to travel, and approximately how much you have saved! THANKS!