Cash Back for Amazon Purchases: Giving Assistant

I last wrote about the one-day sale on Amazon Prime, and thus felt that this would be an appropriate follow-up. As I last stated, we use Amazon and it's Prime service almost daily. The 2-day free shipping and the low prices make it so easy to *click* and then wait for our purchases to show up! Did you know that you can also get cash back for those Amazon purchases as well?


Cash Back Portals

There are many online portals out there that give you cash back for simply clicking through their portal, and then onto an online shopping page that they pay out on. If you are doing consistent online shopping and not taking advantage of these portals, you are leaving free money on the table! However, most of these portals rarely give you cash back on Amazon, unless the purchases are from specific categories -- i.e. Women's fashion, home improvement, jewelry, etc. Giving Assistant to the rescue!


Giving Assistant

Giving Assistant is an online portal who's mission is " empower our peers to give-back even more by making it easier than ever to shop responsibly and save money in the process". When signing up for an account, you have the option of receiving 100% of your cash back, or donating a portion to charity -- which is pretty dang awesome! But the best part about Giving Assistant is that you pretty much get 5% cash back on all of your Amazon purchases (no specific categories required)! The terms & conditions state certain categories that you are not guaranteed cash back on, but it seems I've gotten paid on most of my purchases so far! I signed up at the beginning of this month and already have $34 back coming to me!

Not only has this portal been very beneficial to me, but this is one of the fastest paying portals that I've encountered. They will pay out your cash back daily (with a $5 minimum) if you link your debit card to your account, or on the 1st of every month to your PayPal account. Most other cash back portals can take up to 3 months before releasing your cash!



Giving Assistant pays you cash back for shopping at! Whenever you are planning to shop at Amazon (or any other store that they give cash back on, for that matter!), sign in, click through Giving Assistant, and receive 5% cash back in a matter of days (not weeks or months)!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me or comment below!

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