$300 Gift Cards at Staples for Negative Cost!

Update: As expected, these went fast! The gift cards are now listed as "Out of Stock". If you got in on the deal, congrats on some free money and/or some free points!


The Deal

Staples currently has an online deal for Visa Gift Cards for LESS THAN FACE VALUE! These normally have an $8.95 purchase fee, but now as you can see, the instant $10 off now actually makes you money. In essence, you are making $1.05 per gift card purchased!


The Terms

  • Valid through 12/28/15
  • Limit of 2 per person/transaction (you can try to place separate orders, but Staples has been known to cancel multiple orders of those trying to take advantage of promotions)


Double Dipping

If you have a Chase Ink card (Plus or Cash), this is a doubly awesome deal! You get 5x the points at office supply stores with these cards, so Staples obviously falls under this category. With a purchase of 2 - $300 gift cards, you gain approximately 2,990 Ultimate Reward points! 



This is a great deal especially since Staples is basically paying you money to buy these gift cards. Yes, the deal is especially lucrative if you have a Chase Ink card, however, any points/miles earning card will do just as well. A regular points/miles earning card will net you 299 points/miles for the purchase of 1 card, or 598 points/miles for 2. Or if you're using a 2% cash back card, you would earn approximately $6 or $12, depending on the amount you purchase! The best part of this deal is that you can order these at home, in your underwear!


*If you are interested in learning more about how to earn cash back, maximize your points/miles earning potential through ways such as this, and maximizing your points/miles redemptions, please setup a consultation with me!